Henry Y. Wang and Tadayuki Imanaka (Eds.)'s Antibody Expression and Engineering PDF

By Henry Y. Wang and Tadayuki Imanaka (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0841215294

ISBN-13: 9780841215290

ISBN-10: 0841233144

ISBN-13: 9780841233140

content material: construction of engineered antibodies in myeloma and hybridoma cells : improvements in gene expression and method layout / D.K. Robinson, D. DiStefano, S.L. Gould, G. Cuca, T.C. Seamans, D. Benincasa, S. Munshi, C.P. Chan, J. Stafford-Hollis, G.F. Hollis, D. Jain, okay. Ramasubramanyan, G.E. Mark, and M. Siberklang --
Antibody creation in human hybridomas with growth-associated construction kinetics / Hidekazu Sawada and Kazuaki Kitano --
Antibody construction in chinese language hamster ovary cells utilizing an impaired selectable marker / R.S. Barnett, K.L. Limoli, T.B. Huynh, E.A. Ople, and M.E. Reff --
Antibody construction in insect cells / Kathleen N. Potter, Yucheng Li, and J. Donald Capra --
Antibody expression in crops / J. K-C. Ma --
Engineering of immunoglobulin Fc and single-chain Fv proteins in Escherichia coli / David Filpula, Michele Rollence, Nina Essig, James Nagle, Aniruddha Achari, and Timothy Lee --
T-cell designated immunofusion proteins from Escherichia coli : intent, layout, and houses / Marc greater and Patricia A. Nolan --
construction and purification of antibody utilizing Bacillus subtilis as an expression host / S.L. Wong, X.C. Wu, L.P. Yang, S.C. Ng, and N. Hudson --
Trichoderma reesei, a promising novel host for antibody construction / Eini Nyyssönen and Sirkka Keränen --
employing antibody catalysis to natural synthesis / Brian J. Lavey and Kim D. Janda --
powerful and particular peroxidase job with an antibody L chain-porphyrin Fe(III) advanced / Tadayuki Imanaka and Masahiro Takagi.

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The non-covalent association of the six CDRs from the H and L chain V regions forms the antigen combining site and determines the specificity of the antibody. Each monomelic antibody has two antigen combining sites, one located at the tip of each heavy-light chain pair. A dimer consisting of only the V H - V L regions is referred to as Fv, also has antigen binding capability. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1995. ch004 42 ANTIBODY EXPRESSION AND ENGINEERING As immunoglobulins are proteins, they are themselves antigenic.

M. Nucleic Acids Research 1982, 10, 459-472. ; Goldstein, A. ; Weiner, A. M. Proc Natl Acad Sci 1989, 86, 2752-2756. ; Hanai, N. Journal of Immunological Methods 1994, 167, 271-278. Page, M. ; Sydenham, M. A. Bio/Technology 1991, 9, 64-68. Fouser, L . ; Swanberg, S. ; Cumming, D. ; Riedel, G. E. Bio/Technology 1992, 10, 1121-1127. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1995. Chapter 4 Antibody Production in Insect Cells Kathleen N. Potter, Yucheng Li, and J. ch004 Department of Microbiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX 75235 The baculovirus expression system produces complete, biologically active human, mouse, human-mouse hybrid and human-mouse chimeric antibodies of the IgG, IgM and IgA isotypes in insect cells.

These are the Sf21 IPBI^SF-21 AE line, and a clonal derivative Sf9 (24), TN-368 (25) and ΒΉ-ΤΝ-5Β1-4 cells (High-Five™ cells; Invitrogen, San Diego, CA) which are derived from T. ni cells. The T. ni and S. frugiperda cell lines can be grown both as attached monolayers and suspension cultures, both in media containing 10% fetal calf serum as well as serum-free media of various compositions. Cell densities and viabilities vary depending on the medium composition and the vessel used for suspension cultures (26).

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