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23 C. Max Lang and Carole A. Mancuso B. Richardson retractor C. Senn retractor D. Weitlaner retractor II. Sutures A. Suture materials A suture is a cord, thread, or wire that is used to sew tissues together. A ligature is a cord or thread used to tie off blood vessels. Common usage, however, has established suture as a generic term for all materials used as sutures or ligatures. Sutures are classified as being either absorbable or nonabsorbable. Suture materials that are absorbed by the body over a period of days or weeks include surgical gut and fascia lata.

As a general rule, one should attempt to calculate the amounts of electrolytes and fluids the animal has lost and then select the replacement fluid and the route of administration best suited to correct the deficit. The amount needed may be determined by the following calculations: 1. Electrolyte deficit (mEg/liter) = normal serum concentration (mEg/liter) - patient's serum concentration (mEg/liter). 2. 20 3. Total deficit (mEg) = deficit per liter X extracellular fluid volume (liters) 4. Volume of solution reguired (ml) = total deficit (mEg) electrolyte solution (mEg/liter) X 100 mljliter 2.

The needle is inserted at the point where the vein crosses the tibia. To make a jugular venipunctttre, the assistant restrains the dog in an upright position at a height that is comfortable for the anesthetist. Then, by elevating the dog's chin, he stretches the neck and tenses the jugular vein. With the thumb or second finger of his left hand the anesthetist raises the vein by pressure on the neck at the level of the thoracic inlet; he then inserts the needle into the vein with the right hand.

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