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By Charles J. Shields

ISBN-10: 142997379X

ISBN-13: 9781429973793

The first authoritative biography of Kurt Vonnegut Jr., a author who replaced the dialog of yankee literature

In 2006, Charles Shields reached out to Kurt Vonnegut in a letter, requesting his endorsement for a deliberate biography. the 1st reaction used to be no ("A such a lot respectful demurring through me for the superb author Charles J. Shields, who provided to be my biographer"). Unwilling to take no for a solution, propelled by means of a keenness for his topic, and already deep into his learn, Shields wrote back and this time, to his pride, the reply got here again: "O.K." For the subsequent year—a 12 months that ended up being Vonnegut's last—Shields had entry to Vonnegut and his letters.

And So It Goes is the fruits of 5 years of study and writing—the first-ever biography of the lifetime of Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut resonates with readers of all generations from the newborn boomers who grew up with him to high-school and school scholars who're getting to know his paintings for the 1st time. Vonnegut's concise selection of own essays, Man and not using a Country, released in 2006, spent fifteen weeks at the New York Times bestseller record and has offered greater than 300,000 copies so far. The twenty-first century has noticeable curiosity in and scholarship approximately Vonnegut's works develop even superior, and this is often the 1st publication to ascertain in complete the lifetime of essentially the most influential iconoclasts of his time.

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