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This publication constitutes the refereed court cases of the fifteenth overseas convention on snapshot research and Processing, ICIAP 2009, held in Vietri sul Mare, Italy, in September 2009. The 107 revised complete papers offered including three invited papers have been rigorously reviewed and chosen from 168 submissions.

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We will see how Russell turned the epistemological problem of the external world into a question of comparing the different languages of constructional systems. But first we must explain the logicist definition of number, which is the prototype of a further kind of russellian analysis, that of so-called reduction. A knowledge of this is essential for an understanding of the question that has replaced the problems of the theory of knowledge, viz. the question of so-cal1ed "unnecessary entities".

It will be concerned with signs and their representational functions. Once again a change with respect to epistemologically oriented post-cartesian philosophy must be noted: an important achievement of contemporary philosophy has been its elimination of psychologism, of the confusion of subjective and objective concepts. Indeed, many philosophers reacted so strongly against psychologism that they not only relegated subjective concepts from the sphere of logic to that of psychology, but also abandoned objective concepts (Frege's sense) and restricted themselves to the two-level semantics of linguistic signs and represented reality.

Russell's discussion of Meinong. In connexion with Russell's difficulty, note that although entities with contradictory properties are impossible, entities with contradictory characterizing marks seem possible. Cf. below, p. 104 f. 20 For the following cf. RUSSELL 1905 and WHITEHEAD-RusSELL vol. 1, pp. 66-71. The essay of 1905 is not clearly written, and we shall therefore present the argument in our own way. In 1905 Russell used the term 'denoting phrase', but we shall replace it by 'description', which is the term that later became established.

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Analysis of Ctl Rod Guide Tube, Subpile Room of ANS Reactor

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