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By James L Bittle; Frederick A Murphy

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1987), but it is used rarely. BEFV is an arthropod-transmitted disease of cattle occurring mainly in Africa, but also in Asia and Australia; it is controlled by immunization with attenuated live-virus vaccines (Van der Westhuizen, 1967; Inaba et al, 1973; Spradbrow, 1977; Theodoridis et al, 1973). 32 J A M E S L. BITTLE A N D S U S I E M U I R Rabies Virus Rabies is an infection of the central nervous system; the disease can occur in most mammals and is usually fatal. There are only a few documented cases of h u m a n survivors.

1975; Jacobs and Edington, 1975; Paccaud and Jacquier, 1970). The virus appears to be widespread having been isolated in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Human and bovine virus are related antigenically (Paccaud and Jacquier, 1970); however, the cattle virus is not known to infect man. Immunization. Nasal secretory antibody is protective but the disease may occur in t h e presence of serum antibody. An inactivated bovine RSV vaccine is combined with vaccines for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, bovine virus diarrhea, and bovine parainfluenza components in a multivalent formulation.

Bacillus E. C. Erysipelothrix Erysipelothr D. F. Clostridium 1. C. 2. C. perfringens novyi chauvoei septicum Mycobacterium Streptococcus 1. S. agalactiae 2. S. pneumoniae tetani A. Corynebacterium The genus Corynebacterium is a heterogeneous grouping with its species placed together largely on the basis of similar cell wall components (Goodfellow and Minnikin, 1981). These species share a basic cell wall chemistry (Barksdale, 1981) of which the mycolic acids (Silva and Ioneda, 1977), especially trehalose dimycolate, are frequently used as potent adjuvants in immunization protocols.

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