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By Gary Bristow

ISBN-10: 0071396098

ISBN-13: 9780071396097

* A accomplished learn consultant delivering pilots the solutions they should excel on their technical interview
* good points approximately a thousand strength questions (and solutions) that could be requested in the course of the technical interview for pilot positions
* broad scope--ranges from gentle plane via heavy jet operations
* Culled from interviewing practices of top airways world wide
* contains interviewing suggestions and strategies

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This is so because the outer wing section experiences a higher aerodynamic loading due to the wing taper, which causes a greater angle of incidence to be experienced to a degree where the airflow stalls at the wing tips. The boundary layer span-wise airflow, also a result of sweep, further contributes to the airflow stalling at the wing tips. A stall at the wing tip causes a loss of lift outboard and therefore aft (due to the wing sweep), which moves the center of pressure inboard and therefore forward; this produces a pitch-up tendency that continues as the wing stalls progressively further inboard.

Braking parachute What causes/are wing-tip vortices? Wing-tip vortices are created by span-wise airflow over the upper and lower surfaces of a wing/aerofoil that meet at the wing tips as turbulence and therefore induces drag, especially on a swept wing. ,. , ,, I I , ,. , , , I I I I . I I + I I I I . 8 Span-wise airflow/vortices on the wing. Span-wise airflow is created because a wing producing lift has a lower static pressure on the upper surface than on the lower surface. At the wing tip, however, there can be no pressure difference, and the pressure is equalized by air flowing around the wing tip from the higher pressure on the lower surface to the lower pressure on the upper surface.

14 Chapter One 2. Ensure that the aircraft's pitch control (rotation and flare) is not compromised, with high stick forces (tail plane turning moment), by restricting the aircraft's tail plane arm forward center of gravity limit. , takeoff and landing), when the elevator control surface is less effective. 3. Ensure a minimum horizontal tail plane deflection, which produces a minimal download airforce on the tailplane and is required to balance the lift-weight pitching moment. Therefore, the stabilizer and/or the elevator is kept streamlined to the relative airflow, which results in a.

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