New PDF release: A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation, Viewed

By Thomas Chalmers

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In 1817 the Scottish mathematician and churchman Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847), who used to be later invited to write down one of many Bridgewater Treatises (also reissued during this sequence) released this ebook, according to weekday sermons preached through him in Glasgow. His major objective is to refute the 'infidel' argument that as the earth and humanity are such insignificant components of the universe, God - if he existed - wouldn't care approximately them. besides the fact that, he's additionally addressing the 'narrow and illiberal professors' who 'take an alarm' on the proposal of philosophy instead of incorporating technological know-how into their Christian preaching. Chalmers writes from the point of view of an admirer of technological know-how and sleek astronomy. even though, he additionally argues that ask yourself on the beauty of construction or even acknowledging it as God's paintings isn't sufficient, and actually ethical Christian existence is key for salvation.

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Why resist any longer the grand and interesting conclusion? Each of these stars may be the token of a system as vast and as splendid as the one which we inhabit. Worlds roll in these distant regions; and these worlds must be the mansions of life and of intelligence. In yon gilded canopy of heaven, we see the broad aspect of the universe, where each shining point presents us with a sun, and each sun with a system of worlds—where the Divinity reigns Ui all the grandeur of his attributes—where he peoples immensity with his wonders; and travels in the greatness of his strength through the dominions of one vast and unlimited monarchy.

These are great numbers, and great calculations, and the mind feels its own impotency in attempting to grasp them. We can state them in words. We can exhibit them in figures. We can demonstrate them by the powers of a most rigid and infallible geometry. But no human fancy can summon up a lively or an adequate conception—can roam in its ideal flight over this immeasurable largeness—can take in this mighty space in all its grandeur, and in all its immensity—can sweep the outer boundaries of such a creation—or lift itself up to the majesty of that great and invisible arm, on which all is suspended.

There are perhaps no two sets of human beings, who comprehend less the movements, and enter less into the cares and concerns, of each other, than the wide and busy public on the one hand, and, on the other, those men of close and studious retirement, whom the world never hears o£ save when, from their thoughtful solitude, there issues forth some splendid discovery, to set the world on a gaze of admiration. Then 60 will the brilliancy of a superior genius draw every eye towards it—and the homage paid to intellectual superiority, will place its idol on a loftier eminence than all wealth or than all titles can bestow—and the name of the successful philosopher will circulate, in his own age, over the whole extent of civilised society, and be borne down to posterity in the characters of ever-during remembrance—and thus it is, that, when we look back on the days of Newton, we annex a kind of mysterious greatness to him, who, by the pure force of his understanding, rose to such a gigantic elevation above the level of ordinary men—and the kings and warriors of other days sink into insignificance around him—and he, at this moment, stands forth to the public eye, in a prouder array of glory than circles the memory of all the men of former generations—and, while all the vulgar grandeur of other days is now mouldering in forgetfulness, the achievements of our great astronomer are still fresh in the veneration of his countrymen, and they carry him forward on the stream of time, with a reputation'ever gathering, and the triumphs of a distinction that will never die.

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