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3 Variable Declarations Declaring, Initializing and Using Variables Variables in Java come in three flavors: • Instance variables that are members of a class and are instantiated for each object of the class. e. objects, of the class will have their own instances of these variables, which are local to the object. The values of these variables at any given time constitute the state of the object. 10, p. 121). • Local variables (also called method automatic variables), which are declared in methods and in blocks, are instantiated for each invocation of the method or block.

White Spaces A white space is a sequence of spaces, tabs, form feeds and line terminator characters. Line terminators can be newline, carriage return or carriage return-newline sequence in a Java source file. e. broken into a stream of tokens for further analysis. Separators and operators help to distinguish tokens, but sometimes white space has to be inserted explicitly. For example, the identifier classRoom will be interpreted as a single token, unless white space is inserted to distinguish the keyword class from the identifier Room.

2, the compiler complains that the local variable thePrice in the println statement at (1) may not be initialized. However, from the program it can be seen that the local variable thePrice gets the value 100 in the last if-statement before it is used in the println statement. The compiler does not perform a rigorous analysis of the program in this regard. The program will compile correctly if the variable was initialized in the declaration, or if an unconditional assignment is made to the variable in the method.

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