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By Paul Ricoeur

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In 1950, Paul Ricoeur released his translation of Edmund Husserl's "Ideen I" lower than the name "Idees directrices pour une phenomenologie". It grew to become the instruction manual and key to the daddy of phemenology. this mix of Husserl and Ricoeur could be of curiosity to either professors and scholars.

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K:44:17; G:43:5; GC:92:18; GP:83:31. (2) The principle ofprinciples leads us to the heart of Husserlian intuitionism. But we must not omit the interpretion ofthis text from the point ofview of the sixth Logical Investigation: intuition is defined uniquely as a fulfilling ofan empty meaning. That is why respect for the pure given (which is as much eidetic as mundane) can be corroborated within the transcendental constitution and will be taken up again in the fourth section when dealing with the constitution of reason par.

By contradistinction, it will lead us from that region called "thing" to the region called "consciousness," the latter escaping this defect. Par. 42 explicates the words "various," "sketch," "adumbration," etc. K:I0:13 G:ll:l; GC:55"32; GP:49:29. Presentiation: original intuition is not only distinguished from empty meaning as given, as a 68 Paul Ricceur: Key to Husserls Ideas I presence; it is moreover "original" presence as opposed to presence as "likeness" or "remembrance," par. 99. (Logical Investigations VI, 2nd part, par.

K:20:16; G:21:1; GC:66:18; GP:59:25. This enumeration gives some idea of the questions dealt with by the science of objectivity in general which ushers in formal ontology. Cf. G: 18 :1 and p. 22 ad finem. K:21 :39; G:22: 1; GC:68:6; GP:61 :8. The third Logical Investigation is devoted to the theory ofthe whole and parts. It is an important chapter on formal ontology, along with reflections on subject and property, the individual, species and genus, relation and collection, unity and number. This chapter corresponds to the first part Section One, Chapter One 73 of the program which the Prolegomena allocates to pure logic (in par.

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