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By Anthony C. Thiselton

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With over 300 entries and subentries on every thing from agnosticism to Zen philosophy, this authoritative encyclopedia from one of many world's most famous theologians explores the entire significant topics within the philosophy of faith. Entries determine key thinkers, phrases, arguments, and concepts. the amount additionally includes a worthwhile chronology and an index of names. This encyclopedia used to be formed by means of years of pupil suggestions. Anthony This elton requested scholars what issues, thinkers, and difficulties in philosophy of faith they discovered such a lot stimulating and the place they wanted aid, explanation, and rationalization. The ensuing quantity may also help different scholars navigate their reviews with better ease. it's also a convenient reference for these looking easy access to info on a selected individual or proposal.

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It does not make sense to ask whether they are true or false, since all true-or-false propositions fall into one of these two specified categories only. Propositions about God or about ethics are ‘non-sense’, since their meaning cannot be tested and demonstrated by the principle of verification. Such statements as ‘To steal is wrong’ are not true-or-false propositions; they are recommendations concerning the adoption of values or emotive expressions of approval or disapproval. Ayer defines ‘non-sense’ as being ‘devoid of literal significance’ on the ground that the content of a supposed proposition neither meets the criterion of verification nor depends on the validity of internal logical relations within an analytical proposition.

Eternity was not to be conceived of as ‘human’ time stretched out in both directions. Boethius recognized that it belonged to God. Eternity is a mode of reality that grasped ‘the whole’ of past, present, and future as a whole. Eternity constituted most especially God’s own mode of existence. This is ‘the complete possession all at once (totum simul) of an illimitable life’. Although strictly eternity is not ‘everlastingness’ in the human sense of this term, because God is ‘infinite’, eternity remains ‘illimitable’, and in this special, qualified sense ‘endless’.

Sometimes the path to maturity is a gradual one, as a full integration of the self gradually emerges. All of the above aspects, with the possible exception of Clifford’s over-harsh demand for empirical criteria, contribute something of value to our understanding of the conceptual grammar of belief, and of why it is not simply a ‘weaker’ form of knowledge. Issues of ‘entitlement’, reasonableness, self-involvement, and the visibility of belief in the public domain all belong to the grammar of belief in religion.

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